YSV Solenoid Valve

YSV Solenoid Valve
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Features of YSV Solenoid Valve
1. The YSV solenoid valve is a valve for use with water, liquid, gas and oil (less than 20CST).
2. The temperature of the medium is between -5 and 80℃.
3. The acting pattern: direct acting.
4. The YSV solenoid valve uses the normally closed or normally open pattern.
5. The YSV solenoid valve is made with brass.
6. It is sealed by the VITON membrane.
7. Protection degree of the coils: IP65.
8. Working voltage: AC220V, power: 22VA; DC24V, power: 14W.
9. Voltage range: ±10%.

Technical Parameters of the YSV Solenoid Valve
Model Diameters mm Screw Thread G Operating Pressure Bar CV L (mm) H (mm)
YSV04 4 G3/8 0~12 0.26 50 82
YSV05 5 G1/2 0~6 0.38 53 83.5
YSV02K 2 G3/8 0~3 0.12 50 91
YSV04K 4 G3/8 0~2 0.26 50 91

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