YSI High Pressure Solenoid Valve

YSI High Pressure Solenoid Valve
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Applicable Medium: high pressure fluid, gas etc.
Medium Temperature: -5 ~ 180℃
Action Mode: pilot-operated
Working Pressure: 6~100bar (under normally closed conditions)
Valve Material: Stainless Steel (precision casting)
Seal Material: PTFE

1. The applicable media for YSI high pressure solenoid valve are limited to the fluid, high pressure gas etc.
2. It adopts the pilot-operated action mode and has stainless connection deaden.
3. It is made in accordance with the standard of high quality magnetic material of Sino-American joint venture and the standard of working pressure PN2.5MPA.
4. The valve body is made of stainless steel flange (ss304j precision casting).
5. This valve with advanced structure and special technique features stable property and high reliability.

Technical Parameters
ModelConnector GDiameterCV ValueLength (mm)Height (mm)Working Pressure(bar)
YSI-15JF Stainless Flange1/2154.21201756~100
YSI-20JF Stainless Flange3/4207130188
YSI-50JF Stainless Flange12512140220
YSI-32JF Stainless Flange232221602186~80
YSI-40JF Stainless Flange11/24030170232
YSI-50JF Stainless Flange25048200258
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