2WSL Plastic Solenoid Valve

2WSL Plastic Solenoid Valve
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Features of 2WSL Plastic Solenoid Valve
1. The 2WSL plastic solenoid valve is a valve for use with water, liquid, gas, etc.
2. The temperature of the medium is between 0 and 50℃.
3. The acting pattern: direct step by step.
4. Working pressure normally closed: 0~7bar, normally open: 0~6 bar.
5. The 2WSL plastic solenoid valve is made with the GFPA.
6. It is sealed by the NBR membrane.
7. Protection degree of the coils: IP65.

Technical Parameters of the 2WSL Plastic Solenoid Valve (Normally Closed)
Model 2W-15SL 2W-20SL 2W-25SL
Screw thread NPT 1/2" 3/4" 1"
Diameter mm 15 20 25
Cv 4.8 7.6 12
L mm 74 70 87
H mm 115 115 125
Temperature of medium -5 -50℃
Working pressure Bar Normally closed: 0-7 Normally open: 0-6
Voltage 220V AC/50HZ 22VA; DC24 18W
Solenoid valve in other voltage type can be made to order.

Note: Epoxy encapsulation coil with low power can be made to order.  This kind of coil can be used in extreme conditions like rain and sunlight.  Model: YSB.  Power: 3W.  Photo can refer to YSB-50.

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